Balance Blog Pistol Squat

“Balance is one of the least appreciated physical skills we have and we take it for granted. We rarely devote time and energy to include in our training exercises designed to keep balance sharp and conditioned – we expect it to always function properly. In fact, when we move, walk, play sports – if we lose our balance we feel almost surprised, like Whoa!!? How did that happen!??…” Read full newsletter

Discipline vs. Motivation Blog Push Up

“I have been thinking a lot about discipline and motivation in regards to training – mine and of my students. Lately I have been hearing over and over how discipline is the guiding factor and the real force behind achieving our goals, and that motivation won’t do it – that we cannot rely on motivation on our fitness journeys, discipline is the queen…” Read full newsletter

Strengh Training Blog

“A strong body is better and healthier than a weak body – strength helps us everyday in everything we do. As we age, we absolutely need to keep our bodies strong. While it’s nice for aesthetics, it is essential for a good quality of life. When I first stepped foot into a gym 35 years ago in Florence, Italy, to rehab after a ski accident, I was the only girl in the gym. Fast forward to 2023, so many people now are working out – women, men, young, older – it’s such a beautiful thing to see..,” Read full newsletter

Mind-Body Connection Blog

“In this newsletter I would like to address the importance of engaging the mind when working out. While the benefits for the mind as a result of exercise are undoubtedly many, and are becoming more and more known as studies progress in this field, I’d like to talk about the benefits for the body when we train while keeping our mind engaged and focused on the movements we do…” Read full newsletter